And We are Live!

The book is here! Buy Under New Suns today! 25 amazing writers, 1 amazing book! Come and see what we’ve created in our own little universe.

Get yourself a copy HERE and read the coolest new book in six quantum dimensions; including my stories ‘Broggs Deron: Accidental Counsellor’ and ‘A Common Pain’. This is one you don’t want to miss!

(Did I mention the space sharks?)

Preorder Time!

The book is almost here! Feb 28th, 2021 is the release of Under New Suns (aka, Tales From the Year Between Vol. 2!). You can get your hands on your digital preorder now, with paperback preorders available soon! And you’ll want a physical copy. I’ve only seen pics so far, but this book looks damn beautiful! Reserve your copy on or today! My two stories- Broggs Deron: Accidental Counselor and A Common Pain are both included, as well as a little extra piece as an Appendix! But it’s not just me, this book is chock full of incredible writers and artists who’ve taken this world we’ve created and made freakin’ magic with it! Seriously, the stories in here are SO GOOD. You need this book in your life.

promo ad for the book Under New Suns. Text: Tales From the Year Between Vol. 2 Under New Suns. A crew of intrepid space marines, a pregnant ship trying to get home, and freaking space sharks! Blasting off Feb 28th wherever books are sold. from Skullgate Media, 2021

Oh, and I see I never did a NaNo update after November. I lost. Hard. Mostly because I was working on my stories for the above volume! So, I think in the end, it turned out okay that I didn’t write 50k this time. 🙂

Guess What? I’m Gonna Be In a Book!

Hey everyone it’s been a long time. But I have some exciting news to share! I will be a contributor on Volume 2 of The Year Between!

So, if all goes to plan, you’ll be seeing my name in print (as well as something accompanying it that I’ve written) early next year!

All I’m gonna say is that it’s Space! themed and I’m already super excited just based on the little we’ve begun. It’s gonna be awesome!

So, I will try and keep you all updated (or I’ll continue screaming into the void, whichever description is most appropriate) as things proceed.


NaNoWriMo 2020

Just added my NaNo 2020 to the website! Announcing: A Bond Eternal!

So this will be something new for me. It’s an idea I’ve had rattling around in my head for a little while now. But…. it’s definitely not quite my usual oeuvre. Despite having some things that’ll be familiar to me, genre-wise, this is going to be more heavy on romance and…. contemporary! I don’t write contemporary, like ever. My wording always ends up sounding too old-fashioned (archaic, maybe?) for nowadays and I always feel weird. So this will be something new and exciting. I mean, I tried to write horror this year, so why not something else out of the comfort zone?

Here’s hoping! I did 36k words last year for NaNo, which I thought was a good go for a first time. Let’s see how we do this year!

Happy Birthday!

Okay, so it’s April 26th. That means it’s the birthday of my character, Evera! She was born on this day in 914 A.D/C.E. Today would be her 1,106th birthday. So happy birthday to my wonderful General who’s come so far over the years to be the amazing character she is today. I really hope that I can share her story with you all in the not-too-far future.

This is a card from Legend of the Cryptids, but it fits her so well.
(Card is Hannah: Exemplifying Loyalty (Avid). Artwork by Marat Ars)

New Stuff!

So, I’ve been filling the site in a bit. What’s been added so far:

  • Cosplay Galleries! As of this writing, all galleries are live minus the ones for SEE 2019 and Bran-Con 2019, though I hope to have those up soon. I’m undecided if I’ll add in-progress type stuff later but for now all the finished projects are up.
  • Poetry! Under the Writing Projects tab, I have a poetry section. I’ve put up four poems so far. Two were entered (though sadly not used) for a contest with the theme of ‘World of Poetry’, one was for a Twitter writing prompt, and one was just just for a heck of it. I don’t write as much poetry as I used to, but those are the four most recent ones.
  • Also, if you haven’t checked it out already, I wrote a quick short story called New Arrivals in anticipation of the Wastelanders add-on for Fallout 76.

I’m really happy with how this is all coming together and I hope you all enjoy it, too!


Hey everyone! I’m going to be honest with you, it’s been hard lately. Creatively, that is (although, as someone who’s an ‘essential worker’ it’s been rough other ways too.). It seemed like things were starting to relax a little after Christmas; we’d hired another staff member at work to take some of the pressure off the rest of us, and I was starting to plan our 2020 cosplays and getting the writing moving along again.

Then, well, you can guess what happened. Shit hit the fan. Hard. As a Canadian, we’re a bit later to the pandemic party than some parts of the world (and my part a bit later than others in-country), but here we are. We’re all going through it in our own way, and it’s no fun.

sometimes, someone on Twitter sums it up better than you ever could

Needless to say, my creativity has gone to pot. I was too exhausted to write, I haven’t even looked at cosplay stuff. I was just pulling myself through the day.

I guess I’ve gotten more accustomed to it, or something. Because the spark’s coming back. I did and got in my submission for the 1k Word Herd Competition for TL;DR Press (registering for that seems so long ago!), to start with. It was really fun and something really different to both challenge myself by constraining myself to a thousand words or less and using the prompts given to me, which were things I would’ve probably not used on my own.

Second, skipping ahead to tonight. I’ve finally taken some steps back into cosplay making. Yeah, there probably aren’t going to be any cons this year, and that sucks. But, I can still work on things. I ordered a 3D print of a Pip Boy 3000 Mark IV for my Sole Survivor cosplay tonight, which is the first thing I’ve done in a while. Speaking of which, we had a Fallout-themed Easter supper tonight. Since we didn’t get together with family, we decided to do something fun. Elder Spawn came up with the idea, and we had a lot of fun putting it together. I even snuck in a wee closet cosplay after supper on our walk because I wanted to wear a warm hat since it’s quite cold here today.

Third, going back to last night. I FINISHED DRAFT 1 of When They Arrived! Finally!

I got to write the words!

It’s 42k and change right now. I expect that to change drastically. I started this for NaNo 2019 and was just writing like mad through that month. I think it’s gonna need a lot more fleshing out in some of the chapters/stories, especially since I’ve had some time to ruminate and flesh out things I didn’t have answers to at first. But the bones are there now! It feels really good.

So yeah, at the moment I’m just enjoying any progress. Life’s weird right now, and anything you can do that makes you happy or makes you feel accomplished is worth celebrating!


Hello everyone! Welcome to the first ever post on my shiny new website! It’s kind of all new and weird, isn’t it? Never thought I’d actually make a real website, like a real author. But here we are. Feel free to browse the sections. It’s all a little rough right now as I’m getting things set up. But, there will be bits going up for my various writing projects, lots of pictures and things added to the cosplay section, and an overall filling-out of the site. I don’t have a blog schedule set up yet, but I’ll look into that at some point soon. I’m not sure what kind of content will be coming, but I imagine we’ll talk about cosplay and writing. Over on the old blog (, I also did some reviews and stuff but I’m probably not going to go back to that unless it’s something I specifically want to talk about anyway.

So, that’s where we’re at. Let’s see where the future takes us!

Stay safe out there, everyone, and I hope I’ll see you around.

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